easy lend application excels in user – friendliness and offers a diverse array of services to prospective clients. Weather you need to buy a home or mortgages to enhance your life, easy lend is here to help

Easy lend loan app review 2024
easy lend loan app review 2024

filling the simplicity of the borrowing with the easy lend app, your swift and straightforward solution to financial needs.


  • loan amounts : from rs. 1 Lakh up to rs. 35 lakh
  • Loan terms : 1 to 20 years
  • maximum annual percentage Rate (APR) : 11%
  • processing fee : just 2% of the loan amount
  • Simplified procedures : making the loan application process simple


  • amount : rs. 1 Lakh
  • Term : 1 year
  • Interest rate : 11%
  • Monthly payment (EMI) : rs. 8,838.17
  • total payment over 1 year : rs. 1,06,058
  • fee : rs. 2,000
  • Total loan cost : rs. 1, 08,058


  • competitive rates and transparent fees.
  • user – friendly experience
  • Quick and efficient processing
  • committed to your information security


  • Indian national age 20 – 60
  • individuals employed with a steady income
  • holders of an aadhar card, pan card, and bank account


Email us any feedback at service@huilvfinance


k paisa – the one – stop solution for all your financial needs. Experience the future of finance with k paisa diversify your investments with digital gold, mutual funds, fmpp, and liquid funds,

K paisa investment & loans app review 2024
k paisa investment & loans app review 2024

take control of your finances with flexible loans, effortless bill payments, and more.


  • diversify investment : beat inflation with carefully curated investment products
  • rewards : get rewarded Every time you invest with k paisa
  • bill payments : pay bills and recharge with exclusive rewards and offers
  • air travel : explore with best discount and cheap rates.
  • Spend Analysis : track your expenses and take charge of your money


  • loan ammount starting from 5k to 5 lac
  • repay loan within 3 – 36 months
  • interest rate : starting 2% per month
  • annual percentage Rate (APR) ( per annum monthly reducing ) : ranges between 16.75% to maximum 74%
  • loan processing fee : up to 3% of the loan amount

Note : personal loans are only available to Indian citizens within the territory of india


  • early salary services private limited ( formerly known as Ashish securities private limited)
  • BHANIX finance and investment limited (CASHe)


  • Loan amount : 50,000
  • processing fee (2% of loan amount 18% GST) : 1,180
  • total loan amount : 51,180
  • interest : 24% p.a. ( on reducing principal balance interest calculation)
  • tenure : 12 months
  • your EMI : 4,840
  • Total amount to be paid : 4,840 × 12 = 58,075
  • Total interest paid : 58,075 – 51,180 = 6,895
  • Total cost of loan : 6,895 + 1,180 = 8,075
  • APR : 28.58%

join thousands of satisfied users and download k paisa now to experience seamless finance . Your financial freedom begins here.

discover k paisa – your ultimate finance companion

Best Instant loan apps without income proofs

Instant loan apps without income proofs : ✓Low CIBIL ✓Low interest rates ✓No income proofs✓No Salary Slip Required for Instant loan apps. If you Wanna Take instant loan from personal loan apps Upto 50,000₹ with more than 3 months Tenure & Good Ratings and Review. If you have Financial Emergency or need urgent money for medical expenses,Home renovation,aur payments of other loans then it can be best option for You

Instant loan apps without income Proofs
instant loan apps without income Proofs

Documents Required For Instant loan apps

  • Aadhar Card for EKyc and for Address proofs of loan applicants
  • Pan card is Required for CIBIL score & if Your CIBIL score is more than 800+ Then You can get best loan offer at lower interest rates
  • Selfie of applicants
  • Applicants age must be more than 21 year old and less than 58 year old

How to select Best instant loan offers

  • Alaways Check critical review before applying Instant loans from the apps
  • Always Check Videos Reviews on YouTube and other social media Platforms
  • Compare loan interest rates , processing fee & other hidden Charges
  • Check Sanctioned lette Carefully before Final disbursal of loan amount

मिल रहा 10,000₹ का लोन यहां से तुरंत

1.True Balance : instant loan apps without income Proofs

If you need loan from 5000₹ to 50,000₹ in 1 minute then this is best loan app for you. You Can take 2 type of loan from this app one is Cash loan and second is level up loan in Level up loan no income proofs required. It can be taken by kyc only. It is NBFC Registered instant loan app And You Will get Decent Tenure like 2 months to 6 month

2.Tala Loan App : No income Proofs loan app

Tala instant loan app is small loan App which gives 200₹ to 10000₹ loan Whitin 1 minute after successful loan approval by NBFC of loan app With 3 months loan tenure. It is best small instant loan with no income Proofs & salary slip Required

Rupee Empire loan app Review : Rupee Empire loan Real or Fake

Rupee Empire loan app Review : Rupee Empire loan app is 7 day loan app and charge very high rate of interest within 7 days today I will tell you about rupee Empire loan app completely you should read carefully this article because today I will tell you about this app with proof of their customers and we will tell you this loan app actual rate of interest and processing fees and other hidden charges and Rupee Empire loan app also hack your contact list and the defaming you in front of your family and friends by accessing your contact list so don’t apply

Rupee Empire loan app
  • is Rupee Empire loan RBI registered or not?
  • Is Rupee Empire loan app nbfc register or not?
  • Is Rupee Empire loan app can hack my contact list or not
  • Is Rupee Empire loan app 7 days loan app or not?
  • What I do if I fallen into Rupee Empire loan app trap?

Rupee Empire loan app : Basic Features

  • Rupee Empire loan app has more than 1 lakh Play Store download and majority of downloads comes from Google Play ad and Facebook ad
  • Rupee Empire has 3.2 star Play Store rating with 1k Reviews
  • Rupee Empire loan amount From 1000 rupee to 50,000 rupee
  • loan tenure of Rupee Empire loan app from 91 days to 365 day but in Reality they Give only 7 day loan app
  • Rupee Empire Primary NBFC :- Crown Future Stock Broker Pvt Ltd
  • Rupee Empire interest is 15% but that’s not true 100% they charge more than 50% of loan amount for 7 day
  • Service fee of rupee Empire is 0 according to their Play Store about sections

Rupee Empire loan app Eligibility and Documentation

  • ✔ Indian national is Required for Rupee Empire instant loans
  • ✔ Over the age of 18 or more than 18 for Rupee Empire instant loan
  • ✔ Steady monthly income
  • ✔ Should have a PAN Card as valid ID Proof
  • ✔ Should have an active bank account (for the amount disbursal

Rupee Empire app Customer Reviews

Rupee Empire app Customer Reviews
Rupee Empire app Customer Reviews
  • after watching customer reviews of rupee Empire loan app it is clear that this is 7 days loan app and they hack our data without our permissions so don’t install this loan app
  • Also they charge more than 50% of loan amount within a week and violet Google Play Store policy which is any loan app never give loan below 62 days
  • If you don’t able to pay loan on time then they will hack your contact and defaining you in front of your relative and family with more photos and blackmailing you with abusing language
  • If you fall in the trap of rupee Empire loan app then don’t worry you should not pay any loan amount of this loan app because this is illegal loan app

Rupee empire loan Complain process

  • if you fall in the trap of rupee Empire loan app then you should file a legal complaint on cyber crime online free
  • Also you can file complaint in your nearest police station with some evidences like harassment blackmailing and etc
  • Don’t take loan from any unauthorised loan app from Play Store
  • Always check critical reviews before applying any loan from any loan apps

Top 25 instant loan app in india : know more

Freo Paylater Review, Freo Pay-Instant loan 0% interest 2022

Freo Paylater Review :- Freo Paylater one the Favourite Paylater of People Formerly Know As Chill pay & Currently Freo Paylater has more than 1 Million download in Playstore . Freo Paylater working on Buy Now and Pay After 30 Days at 0% Interest .You can shop anything upto limit of 6000

Freo Paylater app Review
Freo Paylater app Review

Freo Pay later app : Basic Details

  • Freo Pay Providing You buy now and pay later instant amount upto 6000
  • Freo Pay Repayment period is 30 Days
  • Freo Pay If You Pay your Usable Amount on timely Then you pay 0%
  • You can use this amount to pay both offline and online for purchasing by scanning QR Code
  • 100% Digital KYC and Approval time 5 minutes with no hidden Fees
  • Print ,scan and shop in any Store in india

How to use Freo App ?

  • ✓ Step 1 : Download and install Freo App – Click here to download
  • ✓ Step 2 : Register and Fill in the Required Information
  • ✓Step 3 : Your Amount will be Approved in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Freo Pay Later app

  • Q1 : How much amount Do I get From Freo App ?
  • Ans: instant approval for an amount Ranges between 500 to 6000 based on Your profile
  • Q2 : How much interest will I be charged for using Freo Pay
  • Ans: You Get ato Enjoy Your Freo Pay amount For 30 Day Interest free
  • Q3 : Can I send Money to my friend with Freo Pay
  • Ans : Yes you can use Freo Pay for peer to peer transaction
  • Q4 : Can I withdraw Money From Freo Pay
  • Ans : Yo can only use Freo for outgoing transaction
  • Q5 : NBFC & Lending partners of Freo Pay
  • Ans : lending Partners are lendbox ,Transactree technology private limited ,liquilons and Ndx Financial Service limited